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This domain has existed with me as owner, since August 2nd 2001. At that time, I bought the domain, in order to get an easy-to-remember mail-address.

This mail-address ended up as Soren at the domain Lobner.dk.

I intentionally do not write the mail-address above, in the correct format with the mandatory @ since over the years, SPAM-crawlers have trawled the web, looking for exactly this symbol, indicating that there was an mail-address too be harvested and sold.
The link in the about-section, contains an @ - it utilizes the so called 'eXclusive OR' aka. XOR obfuscation. (here)

Anyways, this amounts to... ehh... something like the 6th edition of my site.

1st edition was a simple page, which simply stated that I was the owner of the domain. It was a copy of something I had on my TDC host a couple of years.

2nd edition was something, at the time, more advanced stuff. HTML with images, links and everything :)

3rd edition was a frontpage product, it contained some quite neat stuff, but was impaired by being an imperfect and shitty frontpage product.

4th edition became a reality in the Christmas days of the year 2002, where I became more serious with my PHP development. The frontpage frontend lingered, but now it had a PHP skeleton and used mysql as backend.

5th edition was the first product that completely obeyed the web-standards set by W3C, which could be proven by the validators in the footer-section.

6th edition is the site you are looking at right now. This is the first site, where I, in a mix of accepting that freeware CMS'es have developed much, and the fact that my spare time for maintenance has been severely diminished, chose the WordPress-CMS as my frontend.

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