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New frontend – wordpress gets a chance…

Now, after incredibly many years with the old layout on my page, I have finally switched to a community-maintained CMS.
As stated in the beginning, when I made such a change: "It will most certainly take a little time, before everything is running again"

Also, the fonts and such, need revising quite bad... but I will get around to it, at some point...

This is a nice theme. The new one has better support of various things, such as twitter and facebook :)

For now, enjoy this new magnificent feature-galore that is wordpress :P


Facebook FAIL!

Not so fortunate... Facebook.com down means.... many users NOT online!

Fact: at any given day facebook has 250.000.000 users. This avarages to 173.611 users every minute. So for the 10 minutes or so, facebook were down, 1.7 million people could not connect.

Facebook - Service Unavailable - Mozilla Firefox

... I hope this was not the case, but I guess we'll hear about it tomorrow then. - News sites have already begun blogging about it - as have I, it would seem :P

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